You're in (a tough)


Joy comes next! 100%

That's my promise.

You're in (a tough)


Joy comes next! 100%

That's my promise.

maryl petreccia

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Life Transitions Mentoring and Joy Counseling

I help women take control of their biggest transitions and toughest losses and get back to joy.

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About Maryl

Maryl Petreccia is known as the #JoyExpert and is the creator of the Joy Activation ProcessTM – a process born of her own experiences with several highly disruptive and challenging life transitions, including grief.

Having been a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years and after enduring much loss in a short period of time, she learned how to stop suffering and take time to nurture her health, heart, mind, body, soul and her businesses to rediscover and navigate her way back to joy. It was a promise she’d made to her husband before he died. Maryl went from being lost and adrift without a home base to examining each realm of life, then got to work.

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Maryl calls herself the Joy Expert. A pretty big claim, right? Well, she lost her mother, her father, and her husband inside a four-year period. She has weathered life's roughest storms and triumphed over fear. Amidst all that loss, she found her joy again.

In this book, she will help you navigate life's turbulence and disruptive transitions so you can find your new direction. You can get the first two chapters FREE by clicking the button below!

What People Are Saying About Maryl

Maryl has been a source of inspiration for me in many ways. First, her ability to ask questions that prompt me to look at areas that I had not thought of and get surprising new insights, answers, and actions. She also has been a great teacher, and I’ve learned to change my perceptions and develop new ideas and ways to handle triggers and loops from the past. Lastly, her vast business experience has helped guide me through some of the most difficult business decisions in my career.

Hazel Ortega

Ortega Counseling Center

G.P.S. to Joy is exactly the book I needed at the right time! The guidance it provides is fast and simple to use. It has made my experience as a new empty nester so much easier to navigate. I’ve used the Joy Activation Process on different challenges and it really works! If you are an empty nester or have just gone through a really hard life event, this book is a great remedy to moving through to the other side.

I’ve never known someone who is so dedicated to helping people rise up and transform. Her positive energy is a guiding light that uplifts people to new heights. Maryl excels at helping you find your path and provides the framework to find new direction to recreate your life. Maryl has helped ground me, course correct and has provided the type of honest, pure, unadulterated joie de vivre and support while helping me navigate my life after divorce and the “empty-nest syndrome.” In G.P.S. to Joy, Maryl reaffirms the benefit of honest communication and how to discover my new needs, wants and desires. This advice was spot on in my love relationship, and as important, in my family connections. G.P.S. to Joy “speaks” straight from the heart from someone has mastered the art of leveraging even the toughest transitions.

Curtis W. Lewis

A/P U.S. History Teacher
Poway High School, Poway, CA

About G.P.S. to Joy, all I can say is, WOW! Bottom line: Maryl’s words have helped me unlock my joy! I have gone from unclear to clarity by using the process. I have an amazing experience of true joy and a new level of performance in my business with confidence and peace of mind. This book helped me move forward quickly.

Maryl has a gentle and engaging writing style that very quickly replaces fog and fear with peace and deep clarity. Her mentoring in the book has moved me into NEW actions that have up-leveled my personal life and my business success.

With G.P.S. to Joy, I’m clear on what brings me joy and what doesn’t, and I now have extraordinary and powerful results in my business that definitely came from getting clarity for myself using her process and letting go of ways of approaching relationships and business that weren’t working.

Her mastery as a coach entails digging directly to the underbelly of the obstacles and aiding in releasing them, so you powerfully move forward to have what you want.

Carmen Torres

CEO & Chief Specialist
My HR Specialist

G.P.S. to Joy lives up to its title and so much more. If you are going through a tough period in your life or a major transition and feel you are stuck, then this book is for you. We all can go through huge trauma in our lives and we can heal and grow from it. This book provides practical advice with exercises that will empower and transform your life, no matter what you have been through. Maryl has her own story of adversity and has come out on the other side with joy, and so she speaks with experience and amazing wisdom.

Kim Quick

Premier Love Coach,
Forever Love Formula