The Work I Do, and Who I Am

Maryl Petreccia is known as the #JoyExpert and is the creator of the Joy Activation ProcessTM – a process born of her own experiences with very disruptive changes and challenging life transitions and grief. She discovered how to deal with heart-wrenching loss and plot a new path to reclaim joy. An entrepreneur and innovator, Maryl charted her own journey to Joy and now coaches others to navigate tough life losses and find joy.

Maryl has the ability to tap into the needs of others and cut through to the core of what is blocking them from having the experience of true Joy. Her experiences have enabled her to see clearly the path forward and the steps required to have Joy again. Maryl is committed to helping others find the route to happiness and fulfillment. She believes no one should be left to suffer in silence after life’s biggest challenges. Her vision of building a community of empowered people who lift each other up and provide the support and comfort needed to move forward to Joy now, will benefit all who participate and the community as a whole.