Bridging to Thanks

I believe that there’s me, Maryl, who takes morning walks and drinks hot English tea every morning. And then I believe that I have a higher self, some people call it intuition, that is connected to my future self and quietly speaks to me to guide my choices. This idea came to me during my morning walk through the golf course. I then noticed the bridge that I arrived at midway through my walk. Before today, it was just a bridge. Now, that bridge has taken on a whole other meaning. Today the bridge is where I do my daily practice of trusting and letting go. 

From now on, as I cross the bridge, I will remember who I am and what my life is for. I will remind myself that what is happening in my life is for my highest good, and that everything that I need and need to know will come in its own time. That’s what there is for me to know and realize. Everything else is taking up space in my life. When I remember who I really am, doubts, concerns, and fears no longer matter.  

Every time I go over that bridge, I check in and notice if there is anything for me to release or let go of. When I have crossed the bridge, I simply continue on my journey of joy where I see my life as art, something I get to craft and create every day.  I am so grateful for these little reminders in life. 

What colors will I use to paint my canvas? What is the color of trust? What about the hue of surrender? How will I paint the place where my future lives? 

So, the practice I’m taking on going forward is this morning walking routine. 

  1. I will remember everything in my life is for my highest good that I am well taken care of and supported.
  2. I will remember that my higher self has my back and knows what I need. She will tell me what there is to do or not do today.
  3. I am enough. There is nothing missing.

I will use that bridge as my visual reminder of these three things. This has been one hell of a morning walk and I am thankful for the lessons it brought to me.

Gratitude is a light within me that has traveled many years, places, and experiences as the child I was, to the adult I am today. I have the same level of enthusiasm for life now as I did then. 

Gratitude comes in all sizes and is available in any situation you experience. I continually count my blessings and the blessing of others through acts of kindness, communication, and mindfulness. Gratitude is a way of seeing perfection in imperfection. 2020 has asked a lot of us, but even in times of pain, loss, or destruction, gratitude is still present – if you look, listen, or feel for it. Gratitude is that it’s always there, it’s within you and should be expressed daily through our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

I hope that the lessons you are taking from this time are giving you clarity and comfort. Think of what you have given and what you have received. That may be all we need this Thanksgiving.

     The view from the other side of the bridge.

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