You’ve been through a tough transition! That has thrown you off and you’re confused about what’s next for you. Maybe you lost a loved one, gotten divorced or separated, are a new empty-nester. Possibly you are on either side of retirement and dealing with the change that that brings, or embarking on a significant career change, or maybe you feel distant from someone special in your life and want to upgrade your intimate or closest relationships. Right now, you’re feeling stuck and foggy and you are simply done with feeling this way.

Individual Coaching with Maryl will move you away from suffering to creating and having a fulfilled life. We will work together to achieve these results:

  1. Stop suffering and start choosing.
  2. Take responsibility and own your power.
  3. Move your life forward to what you want now.
  4. See your progress unfold.
  5. Remove blind spots that have you stuck.
  6. Experience a new level of joy.

In our time together, we address topics such as forgiveness, self-care, trust, uncertainty, confidence, boundaries, values, major life shifts and making powerful choices.

Coaching sessions typically include these five modules: The Joy Scale, Your Joy Condition, Joy Connections, Joy Practices, Joy Habits, Refueling Your Joy Tank.

The Joy Scale

Where are you on the joy scale? This tool measures your progress on each realm of your life that is important to you so that you can choose where you want to focus your coaching.

Your Joy Condition

Uncover how your choices today influence your current joy condition so you can realign your choices, habits and actions for authentic joy at a whole new level.

Joy Connections

We will eliminate the masks that keep you distant and emotionally disconnected from the important people in your life so that you can reclaim your joy and deep love.

Joy Practices

Develop and master your personalized joy practice to create the experience of a fulfilled life.

Joy Habits

Identify the habits that best support new joy outcomes in your approach to life.

Refueling Your Joy Tank

Learn how to activate your flow state by eliminating the difficult, ominous and stressful activities that drain your energy.

The Mission

We are passionate about coaching and mentoring people who have come through a tough loss or transition and are feeling stuck and confused. Our mission is to inspire, coach and mentor with tools, practices and programs that move people from unclear and off track to fulfilled and choosing new direction from activating joy today.