Did I tell you about the time I found myself in a Ponzi scheme???  

Not my most joyful moment!

I think I figured out the fastest ways we give our power away. 

It’s when there’s a “problem” and I point to the problem as the problem.  

Stay with me here. 

That problem could be a person, a place, a thing.  It could be a businessman taking advantage of investors and the investors feeling REALLY stupid about getting schnookered (which I did!).  Or the problem can be complaints about gas taxes in California, or about the time off we won’t be getting for Thanksgiving (thanks, crappy boss!).  

Our power is GONE the moment we get triggered by these problems.  

Our power is even MORE gone when we resort to reacting to the trigger!

I’ve learned this lesson more than once! So, about the Ponzi scheme. 

There was a great investment with a developer. The return was consistent and nice. Until he stopped the monthly payments. Eventually, after many angry phone calls and letters, and very bad blood pressure readings, we got a call from the FBI about the developer and became victims, therefore witnesses, to white collar crime.  The developer went to jail. We lost money. We let it go. He served his term. The end. 

I COULD go on about how much I lost, how people steal, how you can’t trust anyone, etc.  But that won’t make me a better investor or risk manager. Or a person who lives from creating joy every day.  

I don’t want to carry around all that “wrong.” I’d rather put more energy into riding my electric bike.  

To keep your power on and in full force, maybe a great question to ask is where can you put your energy that would really make a difference you care about?

That can be…. 

When we criticize others, and/or ourselves. 

When we minimize others, and/or ourselves.

When we fixate on being right while making the “other” very, very wrong. 

When we stew and stew and stay stuck like cement in our stew. 

And that’s just the beginning…

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