GPS to Joy Book Parties

Book lovers, spark some joy at your next book club get-together with a GPS to Joy book party and reading.  Maryl, a woman seasoned by life’s many transitions, is a life transitions mentor and joy coach. As part of her book launch for GPS to Joy, Maryl is a regular guest author at book clubs and events.




Through inquiry and conversation, we will talk about simple tools, easy practices and new mindsets that help us use our most challenging life transitions to live more fully and discover what sparks joy now in each of us.




As a world traveler and inner adventurer, Maryl Petreccia knows the value of stepping away from everyday life and going beyond your normal horizons to find a new direction. Her retreats are totally focused on you and the most important aspects of your life, what your biggest challenge is, what you want now, and what will help you achieve it. The retreat design is to refresh you and have you feeling renewed and reconnected to what truly brings you joy.