He’s Gone and Still Remains

Today, September 12, 2019 marks year 5 since my husband David transitioned and left the earth.  I am remembering him and us today with so much love!

He’s gone and still remains
The man who healed me,
The man who loved me,
The one who knew me even better than I knew myself.  He’s gone.
And still remains.
Certain days, I remember his smile & miss it.
Other days, I recall our laughter and cry tears of joy.
The life we had – it is gone.
And I have moved on.
I no longer feel like I’m still hovering.
He’s gone and still remains.

Thank you to all of you who remember him as well. Your thoughts are deeply appreciated. 

David became my mentor, friend and inspiration. I will miss his smile and humor most of all.

He left this earth a much better place because of his being here. Rest in peace David, I’ll play and you’ll sing when I get up there some day.

Rest in Peace, Dave. You truly made a difference as a father, husband, friend and physician. You will be missed.

Dr. Petreccia, it was a joy to work with you. You were such a funny, cheerful, optimistic, and kind person. May God bless your family and hold them close with his love at this painful time.

It has been a joy to be counted among David’s friends. He had been an inspiration to me and I treasure the memories of the times and events we have shared.

My deepest condolences. I was so sorry to learn this sad news about Dr. David, as I remember him from the dance studio. He was always kind to everyone there. We will miss his enthusiasm and talented singing and dance performances.


  1. Thank you for sharing. For modeling what is possible in out living the love of your life and then living more. For being committed that others develop the capacity to be with all that life entails and continue to grow and to play.

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