I thought I had to save the world.

You may have noticed that I have been quiet lately. I’ve just been watching the world, not sure what I want to say. 

I thought I had to be on a gigantic mission to help the world find joy. But right now, I don’t have answers. 

What I have is questions, and I’ll bet you do too.

Maybe you’re wondering where your ambition went?

What happened to your inspiration and motivation?

How can you get your spark back?

It has been months of change and…wildness. I needed to pull back from writing, launching any programs or courses, doing free trainings and calls, and posting much on social media. I just needed to let things be easy. 

But since questions can be a marvelous tool, I have something special that I think you are going to love. Over the last few months, I created a new workbook that you can use to find some answers for yourself.

It can be a companion to my book, GPS to Joy, or a stand alone guide. If you need a bit of a boost, consider this workbook your playbook to what’s next right now.


Since I was able to complete this beautiful workbook, I feel compelled to come out of my shell a little bit and share it. I want to be of service and help you through this extraordinary time.

This workbook is designed to lead to smiles and sighs of relief.

With glimmers of hope,

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