Love on Lockdown 2: You Can’t Spell “Quarantine” Without U and I


Some 400 years after Romeo and Juliet, the Italian city of Verona witnessed another unexpected love story that took place on a balcony. 

Their romance began during one of the many staged live musical performances set on the balconies across Italian neighborhoods since the coronavirus pandemic hit. When he heard the rendition of “We Are the Champions,” he stepped outside. 

He turned toward the sound of the violin and there she was.

She later said that “the music was like an arrow fired by Eros.”

He found her on Instagram, sent her a message, and their connection was instant. They sent messages back and forth until 3am, and they haven’t stopped since. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!  

Living alone and not having our special person can take its toll! So, seeing all of these beautiful gestures of romance in the name of love is the silver lining I think we need. 

As someone smack in the middle of the dating pool, my spirits lift when I hear about cupid’s little wins. It’s so strange how the quarantine that is keeping us apart is pulling U and I closer.  

I, for one, am taking true connection way less for granted!

I also thinking that virtual dating it letting us be more authentic, more vulnerable, more quickly than ever before. 

Our heart strings are being plucked like cupid’s harp!!  

It’s so amazing how real my initial conversations are right now!  The men are telling me that they are ready to find lasting love, not just another reality show rodeo. The common thread is that they do not want to settle into a situation that will definitely end up marred by complacency, so many are frustrated in their quest, like really OVER it! 

As virtual dating goes, it can be overwhelming and even wearing when it feels like a bottomless pit of conversations that have no clear way to lead to real connection. 

There is a remedy. 

Reframe virtual dating to virtual courting.  Get to know people in new ways.  Start the process with knowing what you really value, what you want to give, what you want to receive and what you’d like to create together. Be true to yourself by checking in with your gut, and keep discovering where you intersect with the person on the other end of the phone.  

It is taking creativity and a resilient spirit to carve new pathways to finding love.

So, are there New Normal terms of engagement that are starting to surface?  Definitely! Here are a few tips. 

Tip 1 – Anyone feeling like they are on zoom overload? Between Zoom sessions for work, with family and friends, dating through Zoom or FaceTime can be exhausting. So, give yourself and your dates a wide berth. Since we haven’t dated like this before, don’t take it personally if things feel a bit stop and go. We may be feeling overwhelmed and overtaxed by this much technology and need a breather! 

Tip 2 – When I interviewed Sexual Empowerment Expert Suzanne Pool about virtual courting, she talked about really letting our hair down together and being vulnerable; the why- we can get more intimate with each conversation. Suzanne also reminded me that we need to play and have fun! Put the two together and you might be having even more interesting conversations than you thought possible!

Tip 3 – Now more than ever, we need our brains AND our bodies to navigate this process. Bring your vision and dating desires with you. Most important is how you feel when you are in another’s presence. Do you feel safe, honored, cherished, and like you both want similar things? If something feels off in your body, then trust that! Your body can read through anyone’s agenda. 

Tip 4 – People can be in different places in the dating continuum. Whatever stage you are in, share that. If you aren’t connecting on a romantic level, you might have just made a connection you could network within business and in life. 

Tip 5 – If you live in the same area, get creative! Why not get take out from the same place then meet together on zoom or FaceTime from your own separate favorite sunset spots? (I prefer Zoom over FaceTime/WhatsApp as I don’t have to give out my phone number, so I can just share a link without having to fully commit to giving my personal info.)  Another interesting solution is to share your favorite playlist over a glass of wine to wind down the day. 

With our current quarantine “lifestyle,” we have to get more inventive than ever before! If you can come up with unique and fun ideas now while we need to be apart, imagine what you’ll think of when you’re actually free to meet in person! 

Resilience is the answer here–that and creativity! 

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  1. I was totally getting Zoom overload! I called it Zoom Overwhelm. Thank you for calling this out, as it’s a great reminder that I don’t have to show up for everything. Taking some time to unplug really helped me be more present to what I needed.

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