Passover and Easter in 2020

 “The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.”

– Kate McGahan

Passover or Easter 2020 will be unique, to say the least. We are accustomed to getting together and sitting around the same dining room table with our special people as we celebrate these holidays.  How can we stay connected and feel the warm fuzzies of that companionship in an inspiring way that compliments our current holiday traditions?

What virtual ways can we use to experience the spirit of the holidays, if we are not already under the same roof? How can we honor the family traditions when we aren’t sharing the same space? Lastly, what does creative resilience look like when social distancing is the order of the day? Can we find joy together apart? I don’t know if there’s one answer to this.

I do know that it requires using our imaginations.

  1. I’m sure this does not feel right to you and that’s beyond understandable.  This NEW normal is not what we are used to. So, it’s ok. Just don’t let that stop you.
    This New Normal is not forever and we can navigate it.

  2. When life has disruptions, new opportunities to find our way through “golden moments” always present themselves.  This holiday is one of those moments.

  3. We get to choose how we want to connect, with whom. Some of us aren’t so computerly inclined.  Those that are can reach out and make something memorable happen.

  4. If you have a talent, this might be a perfect time to share it with your special someone(s). Maybe you play an instrument and can entertain or plan a sing-along.  Maybe you cook together in separate kitchens and simply be, and talk.

We’ve uncovered some  other ideas for you to celebrate and honor your holidays.

Honoring the Passover:

Passover is a time of reflection and joy. 

~ Unknown

Typically, Seder dinners are conducted in larger groups of family & their guests. This year, consider having Passover using Zoom. I’m guessing someone among you knows how it works. If not, youtube can teach you everything you need to know in 15 minutes or less! Chances are, someone has been using it for work or social purposes a lot already!

You can create seder plates actually or symbolically.  Someone could tell the story of Passover and have everyone draw their version of the seder plate. The seder plate has some interesting ingredients on it and they all represent something interesting to learn about.  A few of the symbolic foods that are Seder plate must-haves are maror (bitter herbs) and chazeret (horseradish and onions); charoset; matzoh; and more. (Order early!)

If you’re having trouble locating Seder plate ingredients, there are lists of acceptable substitutions.

You can still organize who will take on which roles for Passover. Families can still tell stories together, say blessings and sing songs of praise during the dinner. I have also heard some say that they will be dropping off Seder boxes at others’ doors to those that can’t drive.


You’re invited to take part in The Great Afikoman Hunt! – All online!

Host a watch party – Passover: a Shelter-In-Place Journey

with Rabbi Olivier BenHaim

Celebrating Easter:

Try organizing your family’s Easter gathering via video chat. You can have a virtual egg painting party and vote for your favorite. Maybe participate in a virtual hunt.  If you can’t get eggs, you can use ping pong balls, rocks, or anything round enough to symbolize the egg.

Why not dress up? We’re all getting sick of our yoga pants and sweats by now. Have everyone bathe and dress in their finest! If you have one, set up a tripod and have your family pose for a photo to send friends. If not, just get some snaps of everyone looking nice and enjoying the day. Trade with family and friends online.

If you’re missing church on Easter Sunday, you can attend an online service, the streaming quality is great!


Cool Egg Decorating Ideas: – But not just for eggs! You can use balls, rocks–whatever you have!

Easter movies:

Easter Treat Recipes:


Maybe cooking is part of the tradition and it wouldn’t be your holiday without it. Perhaps create a friendly competition over hot crossed buns and take a poll as to whose came out the best.  If you’re experiencing the home cooking blues, caterers and markets are selling premade Passover and Easter dinners to go. Whatever space you’re in around it, there are a lot of choices for smaller menus and takeout options. Planning ahead is probably the best medicine for you right now. And please remember to reach out to people around you that might be alone or elderly or both to have them be cared for and virtually included.

Passover – The Food:

Cooking for a smaller group:

Getting takeout:

Easter – The Food

Cooking for a smaller group:

Getting takeout:

Let us not spend this precious time feeling downtrodden and disappointed that we can’t be together with our families and friends this year. I recognize these gatherings are sacred. The great gift of this time of year is hope, renewal, and freedom.

Happy Easter!  Chag Sameach!

For fun, post your celebrations on the Facebook Group, Together We Can Rise Above!  We’d all love to share in this wild and crazy Easter/Passover whirlwind.

In Joy,


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