When Noise Sounds Louder than the Whispers of Joy

For me, joy is sensitive to noise…the noise of the world.

Thousands of stories and interactions come barreling toward us every day, vying for our attention. News stories about political strife,  devastating news about human beings being killed or becoming homeless from the endless reporting of natural disasters and all the other soul-crushing stories in between!  And then there are our phones! We’ve become so tethered to them that we are forever reachable and constantly engaged, not to mention distracted. If it were up to the world, we’d have no break from their attempted influence! 

However, joy is also sensitive to our intention to have it.  Fortunately, the more intentional we are about the presence of joy in our lives, the less the noise of the world can quiet it.  For me, I’ve time blocked when I’m willing to listen to the messages from the outside world. This has allowed me to dictate what I hear when.

The noise of the world needs to be reined in!  I’ve found that taking steps to manage and reduce the noise leaves space in our lives to thrive and feel the presence of joy. For me, making space for joy involves the practice of being present and appreciating (being grateful for) what I have and enjoy in my life. Part of my life’s work is to quiet that noise so it doesn’t have a toxic imprint on my days.

I have found that some people aren’t bothered by things that flatten me. Some people can spend hours on social media and think it’s great fun! Personally, I get bogged down in the pitches and opinions when I spend too much time there. There are some who keep completely on top of every news story, while I get the broad strokes, but need space from the minutiae. My phone is a wonderful tool for staying in touch and on top of work, but I fear becoming a phone zombie or someone who panics if it is out of my sight.

Sometimes, in truth, the biggest threat to joy comes from the inside when I listen to the thoughts that contain fear, worry, judgement, self-derision. When I don’t forgive quickly, have loose boundaries, engage in attempts at control and perfection, and comparing myself to others.  These all take my joy OUT!

How do you deal with the barrage of noise coming at you in the world?  I could really use some help with refining my approach!

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  1. Thank you! I’m happy you found this article helpful.
    Thank you for responding to and sharing my posts!
    It’s my goal to help all of us find happiness & freedom
    in this lifetime. Words are my tool for that. Best! Maryl P.

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