Activate Your Joy Workshops

Through inquiry and conversation, we will talk about simple tools, easy practices and new mindsets that help us use our most challenging life transitions to live more fully and discover what sparks joy now in each of us.

The workshops are deeply personal and highly interactive, led by Maryl Petreccia. In them, we talk about the biggest transitions women experience in their lives: with family, in career, in relationships, with health, aging parents, financial turbulence, etc. Each workshop is packed with anecdotes, research, exercises, and actions for how to spark joy and live more fully—right here, right now. Maryl brings her unique perspective — as a mother, an empty nester, a widow, as primary caregiver to both parents, as a long time business woman, and person that lost her spouse to cancer.

Current Workshops Include:

  1. Dealing with aftermath of a tough transition? How trusting the process reduces stress and makes room for joy again.
  2. 14 habits that spark joy and reduce mind swirl
  3. 3 steps to experience joy after our heart has been broken (open)
  4. 14 Practical Habits that make room for Joy
  5. What it takes to become the woman of YOUR dreams (and why it matters to our family)
  6. Joy’s 4 cornerstones – what are they and how they help us lighten up & live better
  7. How to effectively manage your mindset and take control of your transition
  8. 3 Reasons why living more fully with more joy and happiness is not optional