Your garden: Don’t miss the point, people. It’s NOT about having a weedless garden!

“Like living, breathing trees, our joy and our beings need to be nourished. As with trees, we sprout branches that are akin to the realms of our lives. Our branches grow leaves which eventually drop off, which I see as the matters and issues we mature through and the transitions that take us there.” – Maryl Petreccia, G.P.S. to Joy

Look, I send out these blogs every week or so, and I don’t know if you read them all the way through or not, but this is a good one, so read it! (If you don’t agree, I’ll buy you a cup of tea.)

It’s time to close your eyes – be in your garden and imagine the three things that you really want to cultivate and to bear fruit in your life. When you think about what you want to grow, notice… are there weeds that loom large in your garden that might be getting in the way? 

If yes, are you ready to pull them?  I hope so!  

(By the way, this is not about NOT having weeds! It’s about noticing them, getting rid of what you want to pull and deciding what you want to plant.)

The things I want to grow more of?  



A bigger opening in my heart

The weed that has been overshadowing COMPASSION?  Judgement. 

I can’t tell you how many layers of judgement and critiquing I keep on seeing that I impose (inadvertently) on myself and others. Keeping this weed at bay is a daily task!

The weed that has been overshadowing PATIENCE? Anxiety. 

Today’s world doesn’t exactly foster patience.  We live interrupted lives. And that brings me anxiety. 

The main antidote I use now is mindfulness and breathing.  When I’m feeling anxiety or I am agitated or impatient, I make a note of it so I can get it out of my head.  Then I breathe. That slows down my nervous system and brings me back to center. I can then dial back my anxious reaction and focus on one task at a time.  That helps me remove that weed that mostly stresses me out.

As for an OPEN HEART, that’s pretty simple; it is the FEAR OF LOSING another true love. 

And when I live in fear, I don’t enjoy the moment.  Mostly, at that moment, I am ruminating on the past.  

I want to accept today as it is, know and trust that I have whatever tools I need to keep those damned weeds contained.  Fear can be a rough weed to pull, but I don’t want the past to dictate my present. So, it’s worth the effort. 

If you’re like me, the hardest weeds to pull are the ones growing just beneath the surface. Until they break through the ground, I don’t notice their impact.  By then, their roots have started to set in and they become much tougher to prevent. 

So, I spend time in my garden every day and do what I can to keep the weeds to a minimum.  

At home, in my actual garden, I imagine my inner garden as I meditate.  This keeps me more in my body and gets me out of my head, I input in my grateful app, I create an intention to be of service to others and to be good to myself.  

How does your garden grow? This is mine!

It’s fall, a time of transition where we slow down, enjoy our harvest and prepare for winter.  

Have you heard of the BE, DO, HAVE approach?  That’s what I think about as I move through this transition. 

Who do I want to BE now to move life forward?   A nurturer. 

What do I need to DO now to move life forward? Make decisions about what I am ready what I am ready to plant and what I am ready to clear.

What do I want to have now to move life forward?  A garden that will yield more of what I love. 

  1. DO – I prune & cut things back by slowing down and looking inward. 
  2. BE – I go into my garden and let it wash over me. It has me laugh, cry, reflect, love and appreciate the bounty of my life.   
  3. HAVE –  I invite friends to come join me because loving connection is important to me.  

It’s this time of year that I take whatever actions I need to renew my energy, to give and share, to make amends and most importantly, to complete loose ends that have been a drain on me. 

When I clear the ground in preparation for winter, the things that need to be unearthed come to me. The idea is not to have a perfect, weed-less existence; it is to create a well cared-for place to welcome what is right for me. I can’t wait! 

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